Establishment of Cocoa Processing Plant in Ghana

In 2022, our company assisted WI Company to establish an automated cocoa processing plant in Ghana. The entire solution has been officially put into production, which will greatly promote the industrialization process of WI in the production of cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Cocoa Processing Market in Ghana

Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire account for about 65% of the world’s total annual cocoa production and are the world’s largest cocoa producing areas. There are about 800,000 rural households in Ghana who grow cocoa for a living, and cocoa exports bring about US$2 billion in foreign exchange earnings every year. At present, Ghana has also introduced a series of policies to encourage cocoa planting and localized processing. So Ghana has a huge market for cocoa processing.

With the continuous understanding of the cocoa industry, and after a series of research, the customer deeply felt the huge profits brought by cocoa deep processing, and the Ghanaian government has also issued a series of deep processing support policies, so WI company decided to establish a cocoa processing plant.

Cocoa Processing Plant in Ghana
Cocoa Processing Plant in Ghana

Planning To Build a Cocoa Processing Plant

WI Company already has a factory, but since it has never been in contact with cocoa processing technology and equipment before, it visited many factories to understand the technology and equipment. After the recommendation of our Ghanaian customer, the person in charge of WI company began to contact with our company. Our account managers and engineers patiently answer all kinds of questions raised by customers.

After several rounds of communication, our company customized a set of automated cocoa processing solutions with a production capacity of 200 kg/h for WI Company. At the same time, we also provide vivid factory design diagrams, process layout diagrams, and parameters and configurations of all equipment.

“The complete set of cocoa solutions we need is not only for the multiple equipment involved, but more importantly, the good connection between the equipment and the finished products meet the requirements. It is our right choice to cooperate with this company. At present, the entire set of equipment has reached exceeded our expectations.”

——CEO of WI Company in Ghana

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