Continuous Cocoa Roasting and Cooling Equipment

The cocoa roasting equipment has roasting and cooling functions, is fully automated, and is an efficient roasting machine. Suitable for continuous processing of cocoa beans.



This cocoa roasting equipment has roasting and cooling functions. The roasting machine is suitable for continuous processing of cocoa beans and is the core equipment in large and medium-sized cocoa processing lines. Fully automatic, high roasting efficiency and energy saving.

Features of Cocoa Bean Roasting Equipment

  • The roasting machine adopts circulating fan for heat exchange to achieve strong airflow roasting, improve roasting efficiency and roasting quality.
  • Reasonable heat distribution design makes the airflow uniform, so as to ensure uniform baking results.
  • The integrated cooling system prevents the cocoa beans from being over-roasted and keeps the cocoa beans in the best condition.
  • The roasting speed is stepless variable frequency speed regulation, and the efficiency is high.
  • The roasting temperature of cocoa beans can be controlled at a constant temperature, with a high degree of automation and reduced labor.
  • Different areas of the cocoa roasting machine are insulated for minimal heat loss and lowest operating costs.
  • The chain plate conveying structure makes the cocoa beans move forward smoothly, and the cocoa after roasting is uniform in color and without damage.
  • Doors on both sides can be opened for easy cleaning.
  • Heating can be heated by electricity, gas heating and other heating methods.
Continuous Cocoa Bean Roasting Equipment
Continuous Cocoa Bean Roasting Equipment

Application of Continuous Cocoa Roasting Equipment

This roasting machine is mainly used in the food processing industry to roast various granular materials, such as peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, broad beans, corn, wheat, cereals, grains, etc.

Working Principle of Cocoa Roasting and Cooling Equipment:

  1. The roaster machine consists of feeding part, heating system, cooling system, transmission system and discharging part.
  2. The transmission belt is driven by a variable frequency motor, and the running speed can be stably adjusted in a wide range. The roasting degree of cocoa beans is mainly controlled by the speed of the variable frequency motor and the set temperature.
  3. The heating device and the thermal circulation device make uniform circulating hot air in the oven, and the hot air penetrates the material upward from the lower part of the chain plate. The thickness of the material and the running speed of the conveyor chain plate can be adjusted.
  4. The temperature controller can realize automatic temperature control. Its temperature controller is a self-learning PID control algorithm, and the longer it is used, the faster and more stable the temperature control will be.
500 kg/h Cocoa Roasting Equipment
500 kg/h Cocoa Roasting Equipment

Parameter of Cocoa Roasting Machine

ModelCapacityDimensionWeightMaterial thicknessMaterial width

Operation Points:

  1. The cocoa roasting equipment must first start the transmission mesh belt before heating, and stop the heating first when the machine is stopped. When the temperature of the equipment drops below 80 degrees,the operation of the mesh belt can be stopped.
  2. Turn on the circulating fan first, and then start the heating device. Because the temperature sensor can measure the accurate temperature only when the hot air is circulating.
  3. Only when the displayed temperature is close to the set temperature, can the material be put in, so as to ensure the ideal baking of the material.


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