What Is The Process Of Making Cocoa Liquor?

Cocoa liquor, as an indispensable ingredient for many desserts and drinks, is loved by diners around the world for its rich and mellow flavor. From cocoa beans to delicate and smooth cocoa liquor, this transformation process combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, and each step is crucial. The following is the basic process of making cocoa liquor / cocoa paste:

What Is The Process Of Making Cocoa Liquor
What Is The Process Of Making Cocoa Liquor
  1. Roasting
    The factory process usually starts with cocoa beans. After the cocoa beans that arrive at the factory are screened and cleaned, they are sent to the roaster for high-temperature roasting. The roasting temperature is generally controlled between 120°C and 145°C. This step can further remove residual moisture, stimulate the aroma of the cocoa beans, and make the cocoa beans easier to shell.
  2. Crushing and grinding
    The roasted cocoa beans are shelled by machines, leaving the cocoa kernels inside (called cocoa nibs). Next, these cocoa kernels are ground into cocoa paste (cocoa liquor), which is a process of heating and fine grinding to release the oils in the cocoa and form a semi-fluid cocoa paste.
  3. Processing into cocoa paste
    The resulting cocoa paste is the key raw material for producing cocoa paste. To make cocoa paste, cocoa paste is mixed with other ingredients such as sugar, dairy products (such as milk powder), emulsifiers and spices. This mixture is thoroughly mixed in a large mixer until all the ingredients are evenly combined to form a smooth and delicate paste. During this process, temperature and time control are critical to ensure the taste and stability of the final product.
  4. Sterilization and cooling
    The mixed cocoa paste will be sterilized at high temperature for a short time to eliminate bacteria and extend the shelf life. It will then be quickly cooled to a suitable temperature to maintain its flavor and texture.
  5. Packaging
    Finally, the cooled cocoa paste will be filled into containers of different sizes, sealed and packaged, and after quality inspection, it will be ready for sale.

The entire production process starts with the roasting of cocoa beans, and goes through many processes to finally transform into the cocoa paste we are familiar with. Every step of the operation reflects the pursuit of quality, ensuring the unique flavor and high quality standards of the cocoa paste.

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