Cocoa Bean Cracker and Winnower Machine for Sale

This cocoa bean cracker machine is a special cocoa peeling and winnowing equipment to get ideal cocoa nibs. Fully automatic, high peeling rate.



The cocoa bean cracker machine is a special cocoa bean peeling equipment, which has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high valve breaking rate, no pollution, long service life and so on.

This cocoa bean cracker and winnower machine can complete the purpose of cocoa crushing and winnowing at one time, and get ideal cocoa nibs, so this machine is an ideal equipment for processing cocoa beans.

Structure of Cocoa Bean Winnower Machine for Sale:

It is mainly composed of a hopper, a feeding vibrating screen, a rubber roller mechanism, a vibrating screening structure and a specific gravity separation mechanism.

The rubber roller mechanism consists of three squeeze rollers staggered and combined to form the upper and lower sets of roller gaps. The vibrating screening structure can effectively separate the stuck skin and kernel. During the screening process, the specific gravity separation mechanism separates the skin and the kernel, and the peeled cocoa nibs are discharged through the discharge port.

Cocoa Bean Cracker and Winnower Supplier
Cocoa Bean Cracker and Winnower Supplier

Working Principle of the Cocoa Bean Cracker Machine:

Cocoa beans are roasted and then cooled.

  1. Under natural conditions, the skin and kernel of cocoa beans are closely combined, but the cocoa skin after roasting is very brittle, and the skin can be easily separated with the crushing of the cocoa beans under the condition of roller extrusion;
  2. Due to the different weights of the separated skins and kernels, the cocoa skins and kernels can be separated by a certain wind pressure, and finally the ideal cocoa nibs can be obtained.

Advantages of Cocoa Bean Cracker and Winnower :

  • The machine has compact structure, high peeling efficiency and large processing capacity, reaching 500 kg/h;
  • Three-roller structure, the material can be crushed without grading, and the crushing rate is high;
  • The rubber roller of the cocoa beans is made of high hardness acid and alkali resistant material to prolong its service life;
  • The power of the cocoa bean winnowing machine is small, and one motor drives multiple mechanisms, saving power consumption;
  • The vibrating screen adopts an integrated punching plate structure, which has high strength and fast material discharge speed;
  • The peeling rate of cocoa beans can reach more than 85%.
Cocoa Bean Winnower Machine for Sale
Cocoa Bean Winnower Machine for Sale

Parameter of Cocoa Bean Winnower Machine

Capacity500 kg/h


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