Industrial Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine 6-11 Meters

The cocoa bean roasting machine adopts constant temperature roasting, high heat utilization rate and even roasting. It is suitable for roasting various nuts, such as almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, etc.



Introduction of Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine

The mesh belt roaster is used for roasting granular materials such as peanuts, almonds, cocoa beans, melon seeds, cashew nuts, and other nuts. Heating methods generally include electric heating and gas. The equipment has the advantages of high degree of automation, high heat utilization rate, uniform roasting and simple operation.

Structure of Cocoa Bean Roaster for Sale

The roasting machine is composed of a frame, a conveyor belt, a heating device and a thermal cycle device. The hopper on the front part of the equipment has a gate to control the thickness of the material layer. Choosing an appropriate material layer thickness for different materials can effectively ensure the uniform penetration of the hot air.

6-11 Meters Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine
6-11 Meters Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine

The Scope of Application of Cocoa Roasting Machine

Mainly used to roast peanuts, almonds, broad beans, coffee beans, melon seeds, and other nuts; wheat, barley, oats, soybeans and other granular materials.

Advantages of Cocoa Bean Roasting Equipment

  • No damage, no breakage: The mesh belt conveying structure makes the materials move smoothly, eliminating the rolling friction between the materials.
  • Even roasting and uniform color: The hot air circulation system uses multiple circulating fans, which are evenly distributed in the furnace chamber upwards to ensure the baking effect.
  • Constant temperature roasting: adopt a thermostat and temperature sensor to intelligently and accurately control the temperature.
  • Simple operation: The meter can display the current temperature and set the temperature for easy observation and adjustment.
Cocoa Roaster Machine for Sale
Cocoa Roaster Machine for Sale

Parameter of Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine

ModelMotor Power(kw)Heating Power(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)


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