Automatic Cocoa Liquor Processing Line Plant

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This cocoa liquor processing line includes all the machines for stone removal, roasting, peeling, sauce grinding and tempering. Fully automated, multi-capacity available.

  • Degree of automation: fully automatic
  • Capacity: 200-2000 kg/h
  • Material: Stainless steel


The cocoa liquor processing line has mature natural cocoa bean deep processing technology. This set of equipment can complete the whole production from cocoa beans to cocoa nibs and cocoa paste, among which cocoa liquor is widely used in chocolate factories. The production capacity varies from 200kg/h to 2000kg/h.

Cocoa liquor / chocolate liquor production process: cocoa beans – stone removal – roasting – peeling (cocoa nibs) – picking – grinding (cocoa liquor) – stirring – tempering – packing

Cocoa Liquor Processing Line Manufacturer
Cocoa Liquor Processing Line Manufacturer

Introduction of cocoa liquor processing plant

1. Cocoa Bean Destoning Machine

Separation of heavy impurities in some cocoa beans, such as side-by-side stones and other heavy impurities. The air volume adjustment is convenient and the range is large, and the movement is stable, firm and reliable.

2. Cocoa Bean Roasting and Cooling Machine

The cocoa roasting equipment has roasting and cooling functions and is suitable for batch continuous production. The roasting part exchanges heat energy with the material through the hot air passing through the material layer to achieve high-quality roasting of cocoa beans. The cooling part exchanges heat energy with the material through the cold air passing through the material layer to achieve rapid cooling of the roasted cocoa beans.

3. Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine

This machine is a special equipment for peeling cocoa beans, with high degree of automation, high peeling rate and no pollution. This machine is equipped with a vacuuming device and a vibrating screen. The vacuuming device can absorb the cocoa husks. The vibrating screen can effectively vibrate and separate the sticky skins and kernels, thereby separating them into ideal cocoa nibs.

4. Cocoa Grinding Machine

The colloid mill can superfinely pulverize cocoa nibs in a very short time, that is, micronization has the functions of mixing, stirring, dispersing and emulsifying at the same time. The fineness of the finished cocoa liquor can reach 100 mesh. High efficiency and large output.

5. Insulation Cylinder (For Cocoa Liquor)

Whether you want to make pure cocoa Liquior or add some other products, they all can be stirred on this machine. Secondly, we have installed a heating function, which can ensure that the cocoa liquor will not solidify.

6. Cocoa Liquor Tempering Machine

The tempering machine is an automatic temperature adjustment equipment designed according to the characteristics of natural cocoa butter. The tempered chocolate sauce has stronger natural chocolate flavor, smooth taste, bright color and good preservation.

Vidoe of Automatic Cocoa Bean Processing Line


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