200 KG Cocoa Liquor Processing Plant in Ecuador

Congratulations on the launch of a new cocoa liquor processing plant in Ecuador.

Our 200 kg cocoa liquor processing equipment successfully arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador on November 11, 2020. The equipment has been successfully installed and debugged in the customer’s factory. 

Cocoa Liquor Processing Plant in Ecuador
Cocoa Liquor Processing Plant in Ecuador

List of machines installed in the cocoa liquor processing plant:

Lifting Machine: Lift the cocoa beans into the roasting machine, saving manpower.

11 Meters Continuous Roasting Machine (electric heating type): Mesh belt roasting machine, made of stainless steel. Among them, the speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted in a wide range, suitable for a variety of materials. The roasting is even and the heat loss is small.

5 Meters Cooling Machine: Lower the temperature of roasted cocoa beans.

Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine: Used to remove cocoa bean skins, the finished product is cocoa nibs. High efficiency and simple operation.

LGJMS-130 Cocoa Liquor Grinding Machine: Grind cocoa nibs to get cocoa liquor. Fine grinding. The main parts are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant.

The above are the main equipment in the cocoa liquor processing line, we support customization, and design the entire line according to your process and factory.

Cocoa Processing Machinery in Ecuador
Cocoa Processing Machinery in Ecuador

The Value of Cocoa Liquor:

  • Introduction:
    Cocoa beans are used as raw materials, after a series of processing, and then finely ground into a sauce called cocoa liquor. The cocoa mass has fluid characteristics when it is warm, and solidifies into a mass after cooling.
  • Use:
    Cocoa liquor is an important raw material for the production of chocolate and is widely used in chocolate factories. Cocoa liquor is pressed to obtain cocoa butter and cocoa cake, and the cocoa cake is crushed to obtain cocoa powder.

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