Full Set Cocoa Powder Processing Machine 300 kg/h

The full set cocoa powder processing machine includes a cleaner, cocoa bean roaster, peeler, grinder, cocoa butter press, and cocoa powder grinder.

  • Continuous, automated production.
  • Capacity: 300 kg/h


We offers full set cocoa powder processing machine including cleaner, cocoa bean roasting machine, cocoa bean peeling machine, cocoa nibs grinding machine, cocoa butter pressing machine and cocoa powder grinding machine. Raw cocoa beans can be processed into cocoa butter and cocoa powder to make chocolate.

Cocoa Powder Production Line

Cleaning —- Roasting —- Cooling —- Peeling —- Milling —- Pressing —- Grinding
Cocoa bean —- Cocoa nibs —- Cocoa mass —- Cocoa butter and cocoa cake —- Cocoa powder

300 kg/h Cocoa Powder Processing Machine Price
300 kg/h Cocoa Powder Processing Machine Price

Cocoa Powder Processing Machine

We can customize full set cocoa processing machines for customers according to different needs, and the price varies according to machine specifications.

1. Cocoa Bean Cleaner

We usually use two types of machines for cleaning cocoa beans – stone removal and metal separators. The stone remover is used to remove large impurities in various granular materials such as sesame, soybean, peanut, sunflower seed and cocoa beans. The metal separator is used to remove metal impurities in materials, and has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and stable work.

2. Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine

Our company has developed three kinds of roasting machines – drum roasting machine, belt type roasting machine and roasting and cooling integrated machine.

This article shows a mesh belt roasting machine, which is composed of a rack, a conveyor mesh belt, a heating device and a thermal cycle device. The lower part of the uniform circulating hot air mesh belt in the oven penetrates the material upward, and then supplements the heat energy through the heating element. Automatic temperature control, roasting evenly.

3. Cocoa Bean Peeler Machine

After roasting and cooling, the outer skin of the cocoa beans becomes brittle, and under the action of a peeler, it can be easily peeled and broken into pieces called cocoa nibs.

The peeler can be used for peeling cocoa, peanuts, etc. The production capacity of the machine can reach 500kg/h, and the peeling rate can reach 99%; it has the advantages of simple operation and easy cleaning; low power, energy saving and environmental protection; material corrosion resistance, long life, etc.

4. Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine

This machine is suitable for the grinding of higher viscosity materials and larger particle materials. It has the advantages of high efficiency, production capacity up to 8t/h; high quality of finished products, fineness up to 100mesh; simple design; high degree of automation. The resulting cocoa liquor is delicate and smooth.

Processing Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Powder
Processing Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Powder

5. Cocoa Butter Press Machine

The machine uses hydraulic oil extraction, the temperature will not rise during the pressing process, and the nutrients will not be destroyed. The finished products after pressing are cocoa butter and cocoa cake.

6. Cocoa Powder Grinder Machine

The cocoa cake produced by oil extraction is very hard, so we need to pre-pulverize it with a coarse crusher, and then put it into an ultra-fine grinder machine for fine grinding. The discharge fineness of cocoa powder is 80-120mesh; the design of the equipment is simple, the floor space is small; the high-efficiency pulse dust collector is adopted, which has low noise and low material loss rate; the output fineness can be adjusted.

LONGER focuses on the manufacture of food processing machines, and can provide full set cocoa powder processing machine and technical guidance, contact me to inquire the price!

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