Small Scale Cocoa Processing Equipment 100 KG/H

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Small-scale cocoa bean processing line for the production of cocoa nibs, cocoa paste, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

  • Capacity: 100 kg/h
  • Advantages: reasonable process, stable operation, low investment cost.


This small-scale cocoa processing equipment is a semi-automatic production line for cocoa nibs, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. The set of natural cocoa beans has reasonable processing technology, mature configuration and stable operation.

The production capacity of this line is 100 kg/h, suitable for small cocoa processing plants with low investment cost.

Cocoa bean processing process: cocoa beans – roasting – cooling – peeling (cocoa nibs) – grinding (cocoa liquor) – oil pressing (cocoa butter) – crushing (cocoa powder)

Small Scale Cocoa Processing Equipment

1. Batch Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine

The cocoa beans are roasted at a high temperature of 100 to 120 degrees for about 30 minutes, ensuring that each cocoa bean has a rich cocoa flavor after roasting. This drum cocoa roaster is divided into two types: electric heating and gas heating. The whole roasting machine is made of stainless steel 201. Automatic temperature control in the whole process, fast temperature increase and stable performance.

Batch Type Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine
Batch Type Cocoa Bean Roaster Machine

2. Cocoa Bean Cracker and Winnower

This special cocoa bean peeling machine has a peeling rate of more than 95%. Roasted cocoa beans cool quickly and the skin becomes crispy and easy to remove. After being squeezed by a pair of rollers, the rind can be easily separated as the cocoa beans are crushed. The husks and kernels can be separated by certain wind pressure, and finally the ideal cocoa nibs can be obtained.

3. Cocoa Liquor Grinding Machine

Cocoa nibs to be milled, pressed, and crushed to obtain cocoa powder. In order to better reduce the fat content in cocoa powder, first grind the cocoa nibs. This is a colloid mill with stable operation. During the sauce grinding process, the large particles of cocoa nibs will become particles of only about 0.15mm under the high-speed shearing and friction of the colloid mill rotor and finally become cocoa liquor.

These slurries generally go into slurry tanks for storage. The storage temperature will generally drop to 80 degrees Celsius.

4. Cocoa Butter Press Machine

This is a large-scale hydraulic oil press, the pressing pressure can reach 60Mpa. The pressure of the equipment adopts automatic control, which realizes the automatic pressing of batches, reciprocating pressing for many times, and the oil yield is high. The cocoa butter is put into the press filter bag and pressed by high pressure. During the pressing process, a large amount of cocoa butter overflows.

Cocoa Butter Making Machine
Cocoa Butter Making Machine

5. Cocoa Cake Crushing Machine

After pressing, the cocoa cake is thick and firm and needs to be roughly crushed using the equipment. This time, the cocoa cake crushing machine is used, which has a fast crushing speed and adjustable discharge particle size. The equipment operates with low noise. There is a dust-proof movable trolley at the bottom, which is convenient for material transfer.

6. Cocoa Powder Making Machine

The coarsely crushed cocoa cake has a large particle size and requires further grinding. We use fine crushing equipment, and the design speed of the pendulum can reach 3800r/min. The coarsely crushed materials are sheared many times in the pendulum, and finally pass through the screen to form cocoa powder with uniform particles, and the fineness can reach 100 mesh.

Then the cocoa powder is filled, packaged, stored, etc., and finally transported to each food manufacturer.


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