100 Mesh Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine Cacao Grinder

The cocoa nibs grinding machine can make cocoa liquor with fast speed. It can be combined with other equipment to produce cocoa butter and cocoa powder.



Introduction of Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine

The cacao grinder has the effects of superfine grinding and emulsification and can be used to make peanut butter, sesame butter, cashew butter, almond butter, etc. Efficient production and stable operation.

Equipment material: The frame is carbon steel, the outer covering is 202 stainless steel, and the stator and rotor are 420 materials, which can be customized.

Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine Colloid Mill
Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine Colloid Mill

Structure and Working Principle of Cacao Nibs Grinder Machine

  • The machine is mainly composed of a housing, a stator, a rotor, an adjustment mechanism, a cooling mechanism, and a motor.
  • The cocoa nibs grinder is driven by an electric motor, which drives the rotor and the matching stator. There is a small adjustable gap between the two grinding bodies.
  • When the material passes through this gap, it is subjected to physical effects such as strong shear, friction, high-frequency vibration, etc., and the effect of ultra-fine crushing can be achieved at one time.

Features of Cocoa Bean Grinding Machine

It has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, low noise, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and convenient maintenance. It is the most commonly used equipment for grinding in international standards.

Cacao Nibs Grinder for Sale
Cacao Nibs Grinder for Sale

Application of Cacao Grinder Machine for Sale

The grinding machine is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry, it is a super fine grinding machine.

The cocoa nibs grinding machine can be used for all kinds of peanut butter, sesame butter, almond butter, walnut butter and so on. And it also can be used to grind peanut milk, soybean milk, malt milk, essence, aloe, pineapple, fruit tea, ice cream, jam and so on.

Parameter of Cocoa Nibs Grinding Machine Price



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