55-60Mpa Cocoa Bean Oil Press Extraction Machine Industrial

The cocoa oil press is a hydraulic oil extraction machine with automatic control system and automatic temperature and pressure control. It is the core equipment in the production of cocoa butter and cocoa powder.



The cocoa oil press machine is a hydraulic oil extraction equipment with simple operation and high oil yield. It is suitable for continuous work at high temperature and high pressure, with high speed and high pressure. The cocoa oil press is an important equipment in the cocoa processing line.

Working Principle of Cocoa Bean Oil Extraction Machine:

It is composed of base, column, upper top plate, pressing and boring, oil receiving pan, hydraulic system (main power source), electrical system and other parts.

The cocoa oil extractor machine adopts the principle of stepless propulsion and progressive pressurization, so that the pressure of the press chamber increases rapidly, and the oil is separated by fission at one time. Put the cocoa liquid into the press boring, push upwards by the force of the oil cylinder piston, the cocoa oil flows out from the oil gap of the pressing boring, and goes to the oil storage barrel through the oil connection plate. The pressing is stable, and the pressing is exhausted at one time.

Cocoa Bean Oil Extraction Machine Industrial
Cocoa Bean Oil Extraction Machine Industrial

Features of Cocoa Oil Press Machine:

  • Fully automatic control system, preheating temperature automatic control, hydraulic system pressure automatic control
  • Adopt the world’s advanced hydraulic pump station, fast speed, high pressure and high temperature resistance. .
  • In the pressing process, the cocoa beans are evenly stressed, the oil yield is high, and the squeezing rate can reach 90-92%, and the economic benefit is high.
  • Infrared temperature control system, automatic control of pressing temperature and water.
  • A variety of fine filtration system devices increase the oil filtration pressure, automatic filtration, and pure oil.
  • The oil filtering and pressing are carried out simultaneously, which greatly improves the oil filtering speed.
  • The cocoa bean oil extraction machine is made of high-quality steel, large and small parts are chrome-plated, strong and durable.

Parameter of Cocoa Oil Press Machine

ModelMaterial Box (mm)Each charging


System pressure


Working pressure


Material pressure





dimension (mm)


weight (kg)


The process of cocoa oil extraction:

  1. After the cocoa oil press works normally, the main engine starts to press oil, the pointer of the pressure gauge points to 55-60mpa, the pump stops working, and the pressure gauge drops;
  2. When the pointer points to 54mpa, the pump automatically starts to work, and when it reaches 55-60mpa, the pump automatically stops;
  3. After repeated several times, the time interval between start and stop is getting longer and longer. When the oil in the lower part of the barrel drops one drop every 3-4 seconds, all the oil extraction ends;
  4. After oil extraction, please press the stop switch of the pump and pull the joystick;
  5. When there is a gap between the top plate of the main machine and the column, open the top cover and push the joystick to stop unloading.


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