Cocoa Bean Destoner Machine With Pipe and Fan

This cocoa bean destoning machine is professionally used to remove side stones and some heavy impurities. It is the first equipment in cocoa bean processing.



Introduction of Cocoa Bean Destoner Machine

Cocoa beans will have a lot of impurities when they are purchased and fermented, so cocoa beans must be cleaned before they can enter the next process. The destoning machine can remove cocoa beans and other heavy impurities, such as side stones, and some heavy impurities.

Structural Features of Cocoa Bean Stone Reoving Machine:

  • This type of stone remover is composed of feed suction volume, storage hopper, suction hood, screen body, eccentric transmission mechanism, frame and other parts.
  • Equipped with a fan, using a larger suction hood and suction port to ensure uniform wind through the stone remover.
  • The inclination angle of the slate can be adjusted in the range of 10-14 degrees. Therefore, this machine can be used to remove side-by-side stones in different kinds of grains.
  • The movement is stable, firm and reliable, with little vibration and noise.
Cocoa Bean Destoning Machine for Sale
Cocoa Bean Destoning Machine for Sale

Technical Parameters of Cocoa Bean Destoning Machine:

Power0.55 kw

Application of Cocoa Bean Destoner With Fan

The stone removing machine is mainly used in grain processing plants to separate impurities such as stones with a larger specific gravity than grain from the materials. It can also be used to separate other heavy impurities.

It is suitable for granular materials such as wheat, rice, soybean, peanut, sunflower seed, rice, rapeseed and sesame.


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