Cocoa Powder Production Line Sold to Malaysia

Our cocoa powder production line machinery was exported to Malaysia. This is a full set cocoa powder processing machinery including cocoa beans roaster, cocoa bean peeler, cocoa nibs milling machine, cocoa butter press and cocoa powder grinding machine with capacity of 200-300 kg/h.

It is Profitable to Build A Cocoa Processing Plant in Malaysia.

Firstly, rich cocoa resources: Among the cocoa producing countries, Malaysia has the highest yield per hectare, up to 1000 kg. Malaysia is one of the top cocoa knowledge hubs in the world. Government companies have a strong cocoa gene pool and cooperate with Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand to find the ideal cocoa beans that are suitable for local environment cultivation.

Second, the export volume is large: Malaysia is a major trading country, with imports and exports of goods worth US$443.20 billion in 2019.

We can provide customers with a complete set of cocoa processing solutions, from plant construction to production, and provide comprehensive technical guidance to help you start cocoa business.

Cocoa Powder Production Line For Malaysia
Cocoa Powder Production Line For Malaysia

Cocoa Powder Production Line Sold to Malaysia

In April 2022, the cocoa powder processing line was sent to WB Company in Malaysia, and the installation and commissioning were successfully completed.

Headquartered in Malaysia, WB was originally engaged in the processing and export of cocoa beans. Later, after conducting a detailed market research, it decided to expand its business areas, deploy and promote the production and export of cocoa powder. The company has a stable local supply chain of cocoa beans.

The project leader of WB has a certain degree of understanding of cocoa powder processing technology, production process, equipment purchase, and import process. Through multiple comparisons, they decided to cooperate with LONGER.

Our customer managers and product engineers actively communicated with customers after fully understanding their needs, and provided suitable solutions for cocoa powder production line. Not only cost analysis is given during the construction of the factory, but also technical guidance is provided after the equipment arrives at the factory. It has been well received by customers, and the two sides have a pleasant cooperation.

“Next, we will continue to expand our business. If there is demand, I will still choose LONGER firmly.” said the project leader of WB.

Cocoa Powder Production Line in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the processing of cocoa beans is now a big industry, and many more cocoa beans are imported than exported. Cocoa trees are planted in large numbers all over the country, mainly in Borneo.

After cocoa is picked, the pods are removed, fermented and dried before being sent to the cocoa processing plant.

Cleaning —- Roasting —- Cooling —- Peeling —- Milling —- Pressing —- Grinding

If you want to start a new cocoa business, we not only provide cocoa processing machinery, but also technical guidance, contact me, we will recommend a suitable cocoa powder production line for you according to your needs.

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