Alkalized Cocoa Powder Benefits

Alkalized cocoa powder is a relatively common food additive, which is often used in the production of various cakes and beverages. So what are the benefits of alkalized cocoa powder?

Alkalized cocoa powder is made by adding edible alkali during the processing of cocoa beans to neutralize the acidity of natural cocoa and adjust the pH value. At the same time, the color of the cocoa powder after the alkalization treatment is darker, and the cocoa taste is milder. Although some of the flavor in the cocoa beans has been removed, there is still a slight bitterness.

Alkalized Cocoa Powder Benefits:

  • Usually, the consumption of alkalized cocoa powder in moderation can promote digestion and improve the taste of food. But be careful not to overdose for a long time.
  • Alkalizing cocoa powder can reduce the sour taste and increase the flavor.
  • Natural cocoa powder is not used in the production of liquid products and cannot be taken directly with boiling water; while alkalized cocoa powder can be used in the production of any food and can also be taken directly.

Alkalized cocoa powders are widely used and are often used in recipes that require a deeper color but don’t require a chocolate flavor. Due to its darker color than natural cocoa, the taste is milder.

Alkalized Cocoa Powder Benefits
Alkalized Cocoa Powder Benefits

How to choose alkalized cocoa powder?

When shopping for alkalized cocoa powder, we need to check ingredient lists and labels. Look for labels for alkaline ingredients or alkalizing treatments.

Are alkalized cocoa powder and natural cocoa powder interchangeable?

Substitution of each other in recipes is not recommended. For example, the acidic natural cocoa powder reacts with baking soda and has a fermenting effect. If it is replaced with alkalized cocoa powder, it will affect the quality of baked goods.

However, if it’s just for garnish and sprinkled on pastries, either cocoa powder will do. It just depends on which flavor you prefer and how dark you want the pastry to be.

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