Metal Separator for Cocoa Beans

The metal separator uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metals. High precision, can detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals.



The metal separator uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metals. It is a high-precision metal detection and separation equipment that can detect both magnetic and non-magnetic metals. (Tin, stainless steel, etc.)

It has the characteristics of simple installation, high sensitivity, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, stability and reliability.

Metal Separator Machine for Sale
Metal Separator Machine for Sale

Application of Metal Separator for Cocoa Beans

The metal separator machine is mainly used for the detection of granular and powdery items. When these items fall through the machine, once metal impurities are detected, the system immediately activates the separation mechanism to eliminate suspicious items.

Advantages of Metal Separator Machine:

①. Integrate detection coil, controller and separation device into one, easy to install and use;
②. Quickly reject through the reject device, which can greatly reduce the material loss;
③. The installation height is small, easy to integrate;
④. Testing material characteristics: dry, good fluidity, no long fibers, no electrical conductivity;
⑤. Detecting material temperature: less than 80℃, if the temperature exceeds this range, special high temperature options can be selected;
⑥. The controller can be installed at 10m from the detection position;
⑦. It is mainly used to detect loose granular materials (particles <8mm) where it is fed by gravity flow.
⑧. Detection accuracy: the volume of metal particles is Φ 0.5mm (common metal), which can be adjusted according to actual conditions. The highest precision can be adjusted to Φ 0.3mm.
⑨. Reaction time: 0.5 to 5 seconds, the longer the time, the more waste is discharged.

Metal Separator for Cocoa
Metal Separator for Cocoa

Parameter of Metal Separator for Cocoa Beans

Total power10W
Voltage220V/50, 60Hz
Test material temperature≤80°
Compressed air3~6 bar, 8mm GB air pipe connection
Air consumption0.4 liters per separation action
Total weight35kg
Processing amount500ks / hour


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