Cocoa Powder Bag Filling and Sealing Machine 10-50KG

This cocoa powder filling machine is an automatic quantitative packaging machine that includes lifting, electronic weighing, conveying and bag sealing functions. High packaging precision, fast speed and no dust pollution.



This cocoa powder filling machine is an automatic intelligent packaging machine, which packs cocoa powder into big bags. It adopts the principle of electronic weighing for weighing and packaging, and is also equipped with conveying and sealing devices. Accurate weighing and fast packaging.

Structure of Cocoa Powder Bag Filling and Sealing Machine :

It is a weighing type automatic quantitative filling machine, with single, double, and four weighing, controlled by microcomputer. The unit is mainly composed of four parts: automatic weighing and packaging machine, conveying device, sealing device and feeding machine. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and accurate weighing.


Features of Cocoa Powder Filling Machine 10-50KG:

  • Multiple scales can work alternately, and the packing speed is fast.
  • High-precision digital sensor for accurate measurement.
  • Three-stage vibration feeding to achieve high-precision packaging.
  • PLC control technology, simple operation and advanced technology.
  • Shift production, daily production and cumulative production are automatically stored.
  • The weighing control system is designed according to the requirements of IP54 (dustproof and waterproof).
  • The parts in contact with the material are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion, dust-proof and easy to clean.
  • Strong compatibility, easy to use with other packaging equipment.

The cocoa powder filling and sealing machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of granular and powdery materials. Such as pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary drugs, premixes, additives, washing powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, sugar, seeds, rice, snack foods, etc.


Parameter of Cocoa Powder Bag Filling Machine

Packaging capacity3 ~ 6 bags / min
Packaging range10-50kg / bag
Packing error±0.3%
Power1.1 kw
Dimension2.2 * 1.1 * 3.0m


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