Cocoa Processing Plant Cost – 4 Aspects

A cocoa processing plant can produce cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, etc., and these cocoa products are expensive, so the added value of cocoa beans can be greatly increased.

So if you want to start a cocoa processing business, here will tell you the cost of a cocoa bean processing plant.

Cocoa bean processing technology: stone removal – iron removal – roasting, cooling – peeling – sauce grinding – oil extraction – cake crushing – packaging

1. The Cost of Raw Cocoa Beans:

There are different varieties of cocoa beans, with different prices. Of course, people in different countries buy the same variety and the same grade at different prices. For example, if you buy cocoa beans in the original place, it will be cheaper.

Varieties of Cocoa Beans:
In different countries and regions, there are many different types of cocoa beans growing. They have different characteristics in their appearance, color, fragrance and taste. They can generally be divided into three main categories and their proportions: criollo (5 %), forastero (80%), trinitario (15%)

Cost of Cocoa Beans
Cost of Cocoa Beans

2. Factory Cost:

It mainly includes land cost and construction cost. The price of land in different countries and in different areas of the same country varies greatly. So it needs to be estimated in detail according to the situation.

3. Equipment Cost:

The price of a set of cocoa processing line is closely related to the production capacity and the degree of automation. First of all, you have to determine whether your factory produces cocoa butter or cocoa powder. Cocoa butter is an intermediate product of cocoa powder, so the cocoa powder production line can also produce cocoa butter and cocoa butter.

Our factory has supplied equipment to cocoa processing plants in Cameroon, Ecuador, Trinidad, Sierra Leone and other countries. Among them, the most popular are the automatic lines of 500 kg/h and 1t/h. The price of 1t/h will be more than 100,000 US dollars; of course, some customers have purchased 100-200kg/h semi-automatic cocoa equipment. You can also choose the right equipment according to your budget.

Video of Cocoa Processing Machine

4. Labor Cost:

The number of workers mainly depends on whether the equipment is fully automatic or semi-automatic. For example, a 1t/h fully automatic equipment only needs 15 people, but a semi-automatic equipment 500 kg/h also requires 15 people. So you can choose the right equipment according to the local labor price.

When you are in the evaluation stage of the cocoa processing business, the above four aspects of cost analysis are essential, I hope it can help you.

The above is a simple analysis of the cocoa processing plant cost. Of course, it is not comprehensive enough and will continue to be improved in the future.

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