100 KG / H Cocoa Processing Machines in Nigeria

At the end of July 2018, our semi-automatic cocoa processing machine was sent to Nigeria. So far, the customer has used this set of equipment for nearly two years. The machine runs smoothly, works smoothly, and has a low failure rate, which is highly praised by customers.

Introduction of Cocoa Processing Machine Nigeria:

This set of equipment contains a total of 8 machines, which can complete the production from cocoa beans to cocoa powder, with an input capacity of 100 kg/h.

Process flow: Roaster → peeler→ grinding → melting → oil press → cocoa cake crusher → cocoa powder grinding machine →  cocoa powder filling machine

  1. Cocoa Roaster: The cocoa beans are roasted at temperatures around 120°C. The roasting machine can realize automatic temperature control in the whole process. Guaranteed to fully bathe the cocoa at the optimum temperature and to exude an enchanting aroma.
  2. Cocoa Peeler: Cocoa beans need to be cooled before peeling, the skin becomes hard and crispy, which is easy to remove. After crushing, the cocoa rind is removed and the cocoa nibs are separated.
  3. Cocoa Grinding Machine: Grind the cocoa nibs through a colloid mill and turn them into particles of only about 0.15mm, which is more conducive to the extraction of cocoa butter.
  4. Cocoa Butter Press: Put the cocoa paste into the press filter bag and start pressing. Through high-pressure pressing, cocoa butter is spilled in large quantities.
  5. Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine: Cocoa cakes can become cocoa powder after multiple crushing processes. The particle size of the cocoa powder produced by this equipment can reach 100 meshes.

Cocoa Processing Industry in Nigeria:

  • The Nigerian government has introduced a series of policies and measures to encourage and support cocoa processing. Farmers’ enthusiasm for planting has increased, and cocoa production has also increased year by year.
  • Encourage domestic consumption of cocoa, in order to increase the price of cocoa exports.
  • The import of cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa cake is prohibited.
  • Encourage cocoa exports and implement a zero-tariff policy on cocoa exports.
  • Strengthen research on cocoa, process cocoa beans, and increase the added value of cocoa.

If you also want to enter the cocoa processing industry, please contact us. We provide you with a complete set of cocoa processing machines.

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