Automatic Cocoa Processing Machinery Sold To India

Congratulations on the sale of our set of automated cocoa processing machinery to India! In December 2022, our customized cocoa processing solution for Sw Group in India has been fully completed. The whole set of equipment can realize the full production of cocoa liquid, cocoa butter and cocoa powder, helping Sw Group to achieve self-sufficiency in cocoa products.

India Sw Group has 5 processing factories, mainly engaged in biscuits, chocolates, candies, etc., and occupies a dominant position in the local food industry. Among them, the chocolate factory is located in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangandhi, India. However, since Telangandhi does not grow cocoa, Sw Group mainly relies on purchasing cocoa raw materials for chocolate processing. Therefore, the most concerned about the purchase of cocoa machinery is mainly cocoa processing. utilization rate.

Cocoa Processing Machinery Sold to India
Cocoa Processing Machinery Sold to India

Relying on the good reputation in the Indian local market, India Sw Group has established contact with our company. The cocoa processing solution is the core solution of our company, which is mature and stable, and has been sold to dozens of countries and regions.

The whole set of cocoa powder processing machinery mainly includes roasting machine, peeling machine, sauce grinding machine, cocoa butter press, powder grinding machine and so on.

  • The cocoa bean roasting machine can realize automatic temperature control throughout the whole process, with uniform roasting and high quality;
  • The cocoa bean peeling machine has a peeling rate of more than 95%, low loss, durable materials, and long service life;
  • The cocoa grinder is based on Homogenizing equipment mainly shearing, capable of mixing, stirring, dispersing and emulsifying, with high efficiency and output;
  • The cocoa butter press has high pressure and high oil yield, and is made of special materials for high-pressure equipment, which is durable and can Work continuously for 24 hours;
  • The cocoa powder grinding machine can be finely crushed, and the particle size of the cocoa powder produced can reach 100 mesh or 200 mesh, and the crushing speed is fast.
Working Video of Cocoa Powder Processing Machinery

According to Sw’s requirements, we provided fully automatic customized cocoa processing machinery, including equipment drawings, factory layout drawings, etc. Sw Group is deeply satisfied with our solutions and professional services.

If you are also interested in cocoa processing machinery, please contact us.

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