100 kg/h Cocoa Powder Production Line Sent to Thailand

In February 2022, a small-capacity cocoa powder production line produced by our company was sent to Thailand. This is a set of semi-automatic equipment, which completes the processing from cocoa beans to cocoa powder, and the output is 100 kg/h. At present, the customer has received the equipment, and will complete the installation and commissioning under the guidance of our engineers, and then officially put into production as soon as possible.

The technical staff of the Thai customer company said: This is a set of equipment with very high cost performance, reasonable technology, very good equipment quality and easy operation. For small-scale cocoa processing plants, this cocoa powder production line is a very good choice.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the production line, all equipment installation and commissioning will be given by our company with technical guidance throughout the process. The equipment and manufacturing process of cocoa roasting, peeling, sauce grinding, oil extraction, powder grinding and other processing links are all at a mature level.

Cocoa Powder Production Line Sent to Thailand
Cocoa Powder Production Line Sent to Thailand

The Thai customer mainly distributes and trades grains such as cocoa, peanuts, coffee, rice, and wheat to Southeast Asia. Based on the steady growth of the business in recent years, the client decided to start a small-scale cocoa processing business. This is a brand new project, the customer already has a factory, but does not know the processing technology.

Based on our previous experience in cocoa solutions, our company recommends a 100 kg/h cocoa powder production line for customers based on the finished product sales and plant layout provided by customers, and also provides customers with parameters such as processing technology. By showing the factory, detailed pictures of the scheme and videos of related successful cases, the confidence of the Thai company to cooperate with us is strengthened.

In the next step, our team of engineers will work with the company’s technicians to complete the installation and commissioning of the cocoa equipment as soon as possible, and then put it into production. At the same time, our company will continue to carry out multi-field exchanges and cooperation with the Thai customer to create greater benefits for them.

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