How to Extract Cocoa Butter from Cocoa Beans?

Cocoa butter is a natural edible oil extracted from cocoa beans during the process of making cocoa powder. It has only a faint chocolate taste and aroma and is one of the ingredients for making real chocolate. Combined with the cocoa butter extraction solution developed by our company, this article focuses on how to extract cocoa butter and the required equipment.

How to extract cocoa butter from cocoa beans
How to extract cocoa butter from cocoa beans

How to Extract Cocoa Butter from Cocoa Beans?

Cocoa beans – roasting – cooling – peeling – grinding – hydraulic pressing – filtering – cocoa butter.

1. The cocoa beans are continuously roasted and cooled in an integrated machine to roast the rich aroma of the cocoa beans;

2. Use a cocoa bean peeler to remove the skin of the roasted cocoa beans;

3. The peeled cocoa beans enter the colloid mill to produce cocoa mass;

4. The ground cocoa mass is pressed into the hydraulic cocoa butter press;

5. The pressed cocoa butter can become solid cocoa butter after being filtered and cooled.

In the above cocoa butter extraction process, the required equipment is:

Roasting equipment, cooling equipment, cocoa bean peeler, colloid mill, hydraulic press, oil filter, elevator, belt conveyor, etc.

The cocoa processing solutions developed by our company are customer-centric, provide customized professional services according to the specific needs of each customer, help improve the efficiency of cocoa butter extraction and reduce investment costs.

Cocoa Butter Market:

Cocoa butter is quite versatile and can be used in the food and chemical industries. Cocoa butter has a strong and beautiful unique fragrance, and is widely used in the production of food such as chocolate and cakes; in addition, because of its antioxidant properties, cocoa butter is used in high-end skin care products abroad.

The global demand for cocoa has been rising steadily, and the value of processed cocoa products has risen by more than 60%. Cocoa butter extraction and processing belong to the blue ocean market. If you want to join the cocoa processing industry, it will be a good choice.

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