Cocoa Processing Steps – 7 Steps

The cocoa seeds cocoa beans are fermented, roasted, peeled, ground, pressed, pulverized and other processing procedures to obtain cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is mostly used in the production of chocolate, cakes and beverages. Below, the editor will take you into the cocoa processing factory and reveal the secret processing steps of cocoa for you.

Cocoa Processing Steps
Cocoa Processing Steps

Cocoa processing steps

  1. Drying: Fermented cocoa is dried in the sun or in a continuous roaster.
  2. Separation: Use a cocoa bean peeler to separate the bean shell and the bean kernel inside, and sterilize the bean kernel.
  3. Roasting: Roast cocoa nibs in a roaster using hot air to help add flavour and aroma.
  4. Grinding: A colloid mill is used to grind the cocoa kernels into a fluid called “cocoa mass”.
  5. Pressing: By vigorously pressing, the cocoa butter essence is extracted, which is used to make chocolate, and the solid cocoa left behind is further processed by a mill to make cocoa powder.
  6. Refining: Add whole milk, cocoa butter and sugar to cocoa mass. The batter thus formed is fed between rollers, where the particles are ground to a very fine point, giving it the perfect quality for making chocolate.
  7. Mixing: Add cocoa butter and use a mixer to vigorously mix the liquid chocolate. This is a special process that takes 12 to 16 hours. The churning process enhances the deliciousness of the chocolate, resulting in smooth and delicate chocolate. When the liquid chocolate mass is finally ready, it is stored in a large heater and stirred continuously to maintain its uniformity. Chocolate mass can be used in factories to make various products.

Cocoa Powder Production Line Solutions

Our company has developed a set of cocoa deep processing solutions, involving the processing technology of raw materials to cocoa nibs, cocoa paste, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. It mainly includes modular equipment such as continuous cocoa roaster, cocoa bean peeler, colloid mill, and pulverizer. Customers can freely combine according to their needs.

Our company’s cocoa powder production line has served many companies around the world, and our reliable products and dedicated service have won wide acclaim from customers. If you have any questions about cocoa processing, please leave your contact information and we will provide you with professional consulting services as soon as possible.

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